Tapestry helps us to record, track and celebrate children’s progress and share that information with parents. Text, images and videos are uploaded in real time, via tablets, as staff interact with children in structured activities or free play.

“Tapestry connects staff, parents and children together, making the learning journey a really collaborative one”

Tapestry creates an online tracker which automatically prompts staff to incorporate specific areas of learning development into session planning. We use Tapestry to make assessments, identify the next steps for each child and create a complete story of a child’s time with us.

We believe that parents know their children best and we ask them to contribute to assessment by sharing information through Tapestry about what their children like to do at home and how they as parents are supporting development.

In addition to the weekly observations, we make periodic assessment summaries of children’s achievements which your child’s key worker will review with you at Parents’ Evening. When a child moves into a different group or when they go on to school. When your child leaves Pre-School you will be given a copy of the record on a memory stick to keep.

Why our staff love Tapestry

“It’s great when parents upload photos and achievements from home. It really helps us to build our relationship with the children, and they love seeing photos of themselves!”

“Using Tapestry saves a huge amount of time and paperwork, we can support the children and observe them so much more effectively”

“The Transition Report is one of my favourite features. It’s reassuring for parents, and for us, knowing the School has received all that information when the children move on from Pre-School.”

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Tapestry launched in 2012 and is used by thousands of educational settings across the UK and abroad. They are also behind the Early Years Foundation Stage Forum. Visit the Tapestry website.

Tapestry is a secure system with each parent receiving their own login. You can access your child’s record online, at any time. The records will also be reviewed during our Parent’s Evenings.

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What our parents say about Tapestry

“It’s great to get more of an insight of what Rae is up to in school. I like looking at the pictures; sometimes we look at them together and she tells me all about her day.” Ellie, Rae’s Mum

“Tapestry is user friendly and easily accessible. It offers a visual story and is a great way of seeing what your child has been up to when you haven’t had chance to catch up with the keyworkers. I particularly like the fact it highlights achievements and areas your child is working towards.” Parent of a 4 year old

“It couldn’t be easier to use” Parent

“I love being able to see what our Grandson is doing at Pre-School and how he is progressing in his learning. Tapestry is a great tool as it’s done in real time.” Grandparent