Feeding their tummies to fuel their learning

Our morning snack always includes some slow release carbohydrate for energy, plus at least one portion of fresh (and sometimes homegrown) vegetables or fruit.

By changing our snack menu every half term we are able to introduce the children to a wide variety of new flavours and textures, as well as foods from around the world. Hummus, salsa, tzatziki… you may be surprised what your toddler gets a taste for!

We are very fortunate to have our own allotment at Sherington Church of England School,where the children help to plant, water and harvest a range of vegetables. We’ve also added some veggies into the outdoor play area so that all the children can get involved; watching them grow, watering and harvesting snack cucumbers, cucamelons, courgette, lettuce and tomatoes! 

We include cooking and baking in our weekly activities. Incorporating homegrown produce and homemade food into their snack not only provides the children with nutritious fuel – we love seeing their sense of accomplishment at eating food they have grown or prepared themselves!

Snacks and meals at Pre-School are a social time at which children and adults eat together. Children are encouraged to help prepare their own snack, and to wash up afterwards!

We plan the menus for snacks and share these with parents every half term, so do tell us about your child’s dietary needs and we will make sure that these are met.

Sherington Pre-School was awarded the Smile Award PLus+ Accreditation in 2015. By demonstrating that we positively promote oral health as part of our health and wellbeing ethos, we have maintained our accreditation for 3 consecutive years. We not only offer fresh, nutritious and ‘tooth friendly’ food and drink choices at snack time; our staff are also trained to offer advice and support to parents to make healthy choices for their child’s lunch box.

“Healthy teeth are important to help children eat, talk, smile and feel confident with their appearance.”

Buckinghamshire Learning Trust