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What's New? 

Forest School starting after Half Term!

What Is Forest School?

Sherington Pre-School is excited to announce we are ready to launch our very own Forest School sessions starting in November on Friday mornings. We are incredibly lucky to have Debbie - a fully qualified Forest School Leader - in our team, and to have access to a beautiful historic woodland site right here in the heart of the village. Please speak to the staff or Committee for more information.

We've recently adopted 'In The Moment Planning'!

What Is Planning In The Moment?

In The Moment Planning (ITMP) is all about seizing the moment to facilitate a child's own learning. Our staff have undergone professional training with Anna Ephgrave to become skilled ITMP practitioners, capable of drawing out children's knowledge and building on it, then and there (in the moment). 

Parents are encouraged to watch this short video which explains the basic theory behind how it is better for our children to learn in a way that interests them.

ITMP allows every child at Sherington Pre-School to be engaged in purposeful activity, and to feel in control as they are allowed to choose their own activities. 

Progress and development occur when a child's brain is most active. This happens when they are able to pursue their own interests and become deeply involved in their chosen activity. 

Our staff know the children very well, and know when to "seize" a teachable moment and when to stand back and observe. Parents are able to view their child's progress updates on Tapestry.

More information about In The Moment Planning:

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came along to the AGM on Thursday 17th October. It was wonderful to see so many people gathered in the Village Hall on a chilly Autumn evening, all with one thing in common - we love Pre-School! The support of our parents, staff, volunteers and wider community is what makes this a wonderful place for our children to grown and learn.

Take a look at Dates for your diary to find out what's coming up next!

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